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Aqua Aerobics

Open to members, residents and non-members

Fitness Classes 

Why not join one of our fitness classes at Zest Health and Fitness Club. Rates and times vary so please contact us directly at (049) 4360685 to confirm your place.

Special discounted rate for all members and hotel residents.

Tuesday                   10.00am -10.40am                 Aqua Fit

Wednesday               7.00pm – 7.40pm                   Aqua Fit

Thursday                  10.00am – 10.40am                 Aqua Fit

We all know how important activity is, it can help with weight loss, manage fatigue, improve your overall health, manage stress and much more.

Group exercise is the ideal way to ensure a social outlet. As an adult, we can find that our time is often consumed by commitments and we do not get the opportunity to enjoy social experiences like we did as a teenager or as a young adult. Group exercise ensures that you do not miss out on this experience, it gives you the chance to be active with friends and build comradery with people you may not have met otherwise. This friendship ensures that you persevere and soon this activity becomes a key element to your day – one which you will never skip.

Very often we find that people give up on exercise routines as they become bored – the best thing about group activities is that it is our job in Zest Health & Fitness Club to ensure that your Aqua Aerobics Class is done in a fun and unique way with constant changes to the activity to ensure your overall enjoyment and commitment. Of course we all know that changes to your exercise regime benefits your body greatly and that is just one more reason we like to change our routines around.

Not only is our aqua aerobics class fun, it is done in a safe environment, ensuring that your body is not pushed pass its limit. Our classes cater for all individuals from beginners to those more advanced.

Aqua aerobics at Zest Health & Fitness Club is a wonderful activity for people of all ages and fitness level. This low impact sport ensures relief from the pressure that many alternative forms of exercise can put on your bodies muscle and joints.

The new buzz word in fitness at present is resistance and what better form of resistance can you endure than the constant push of your body against the natural force of water. This class ensures a high calorie burn and plenty of fun along the way.

For those who feel intimidated in a gym or exercise class, you can feel comfortable in your own skin with the privacy of the water covering your activity. This form of activity is ideal also for a person with an injury looking for a gentle way to rehabilate their muscle strength and flexibility.

Take this time to release any stress or tension that your body has built up, all you have to do is show up, participate and of course have loads of fun.